Update on 2024 PCI Year End Terminal Compliance

There is no longer a December 31, 2024, mandate to have all deployed terminals updated. However, there is certainty that these updates will be required at some point. The timing is still unknown, but we strongly urge you to make the required ATM software updates. This includes replacing soon to be non-compliant keypads and scheduling any ATM that will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.  

Remember, the purpose of these updates is security – so you avoid potential liability fees and fines at non-compliant terminals. The security is for ATM Partner as your sponsoring ISO, to cardholders, to Networks, to sponsor banks, virtually everyone involved with or using ATMs.

We encourage you to review each of these items carefully relative to your deployed portfolio of terminals and begin taking appropriate action now, allowing you to institute the necessary updates and changes in a proactive and cost-effective manner.  

While replacing EPPs may no longer be required at this time, it is highly recommended that ATM operators update all their ATMs with the most current version of software to prevent any possibility of security compromise.

  1. If you have any ATMs that cannot be upgraded with the most secure version of software available, it is recommended that you replace those ATMs to avoid any potential security breach.
  2. It is recommended that upgrading both software and EPPs on ATMs which may be vulnerable if not upgraded be strongly considered a priority by an ATM operator.
  3. While Operators may not immediately be on the hot seat come January 1, 2025, for full TR-31 compliance, Processors definitely are. It is the Processors’ responsibility to be able to process TR-31 transactions on Jan 1, 2025. If not, fines and penalties may be assessed to them and those will likely be passed to the ISOs processing on them. In turn, the ISO will pass the fines and penalties to operators. You are still encouraged to make your portfolio compliant according to current PCI standards as soon as possible after Jan 1, 2025.

Contact ATM Partner for information if you require assistance in determining your needs in replacing terminals and/or EPPs with PCI compliant units.