Earn More Revenue with ATM Plus from CDS.

Searching for creative ways to maximize the earning potential of your ATM fleet? With ATM Plus from Columbus Data Services, you can generate more revenue from your ATM portfolio by offering new ATM user options to your customers.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

DCC allows the ATM operator to convert the total cash withdrawal amount into international cardholder’s currency. The cardholder sees the exact total of the transaction in their home currency at the time of withdrawal. The ATM provides the cardholder with clarity of exchange rate and displays both local and cardholder home currency amounts on the screen. By allowing Dynamic Currency Conversion, you earn additional revenue that the issuer would normally make on the transaction.

Better Balance Inquiry

Prompts card holder to check account balances in a manner that produces a higher number of balance inquiries and does inquiries on multiple accounts.

International Revenue Segmentation

Ability for you to charge an additional incremental fee in the event a non US cardholder elects to withdraw funds from the ATM.

Credit Card Revenue Segmentation

Ability to charge an additional incremental fee in the event a customer elects to withdraw funds from their credit card.

While utilizing DCC on all of your ATMs is something you should consider, it is highly recommended for your ATMs that are in areas where international cards are widely used, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, vacation spots, and high volume tourist destination cities like New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles etc.

In order to utilize DCC and these other revenue generating options, you will need to update to the latest CDS ATM Plus version of software for GENMEGA and HYOSUNG ATMs which is available on If you have any questions regarding these options, or need instructions on implementing them, please call us at 1-877-977-8020.