InHand I-22 plus Power Relay

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Wireless Devices – INHAND I-22 plus Power Relay!
Devices can use Verizon, AT&T or both 4G Networks*.
Industrial Grade IoT Routers with a 5 Year Warranty.
Free device monitoring portal to control remote Power Relay!

Enjoy 2 Months Delayed Billing!

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    INHAND I-22 plus Power Relay!

    The InHand I-22 is a certified  industrial-grade cellular router, certified for use on either the Verizon 4G LTE or AT&T 4G LTE Network.  Also available as a dual-carrier device, for an affordable additional charge. Buying the InHand I-22 with our easily integrated Power Relay is great solution for power control over endless applications. 

    Each Wireless Device features 2 Ethernet Ports, one of which can function as a WAN port for cellular backup.

    Additionally, every device supports up to two cellular antennas and a potential third Wi-Fi antenna.

    Included in the package are Two 4G Antennas, a Power Supply, Mounting Bracket, and an ATM Programming Guide, along with a Cat5 Cable.

    The InHand I-22 plus Power Relay provides a lost cost solution that allows your remotely power cycle anything plugged into it. Simply log into our portal, find the device by it’s serial number, and you can send a command to trigger the power relay’s restart!

    Free Device Monitoring Portal available for all Wireless Devices! Click here!


    Our I-22 Wireless Device leverages Category 4 LTE on either Verizon, AT&T, or Both carriers, ensuring reliable performance across different network environments.

    Carrier Coverage Maps: Verizon Coverage Map  AT&T Coverage Map


    Category 4 LTE network speeds can accommodate numerous applications. Examples are ATMs, Jukeboxes, Kiosks, POS Systems, Credit Card Terminals, Cameras, Security Equipment, Sensors for Smart Farming, and many more.

    To learn more about the hardware manufactured specifically for us by InHand Networks, Click Here!

    To see pricing for all data plans- Click Here!

    For single-device orders without existing monthly billing, the monthly service charge is $7.95. Billing reduced to $4.95 for subsequent purchases using the same bank account.

    5-Year Warranty and Advanced Replacement Program for all Wireless Devices.

    Orders for Wireless Devices – InHand I-22 x 5 receive 2 months delayed billing. Devices are billed immediately upon deployment or after the 2nd month of billing, whichever comes first.


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