WirelessBOX.com INHAND I-4500 REFURB SALE! $75!!

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By now you are aware of the exceptional quality of InHand wireless devices. With their Industrial grade design, superior connectivity, strong reliable signal strength, along with our pioneering $4.95/month ATM service plan, the InHand has quickly become the fastest growing wireless device for all of your wireless communications needs.

Looking for a cost effective replacement for soon to be useless 3G devices? Say hello to the InHand I-4500. The WirelessBox.com has procured a limited number of refurbished I-4500 units and they are available at a greatly reduced price of $75.00*! With its 4 port availability, the I-4500 is the perfect choice for ATM and vending company operators who require multiple product wireless access. Need a wireless solution to operate a jukebox and ATM together? How about an ATM and video game? Multiple credit card terminals? The InHand I-4500 is your answer. The I-4500 can provide wireless access for up to 4 components at the same time. With a wide range of monthly data plan options, The WirelessBox.Com is the solution for all of your high data/multiple component wireless connectivity needs. *Limited warranty included.