EMV compliance is an issue that seemingly never ends, even after you upgrade. Simply updating your ATM with an EMV card reader may not keep the networks from reaching into your pocket. Are you aware that EMV ATM card readers need to be cleaned more regularly than mag-stripe card readers? EMV card readers contain landing pins that the card chip engages with, and these should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Did you also know that a dirty EMV reader can lead to EMV card transactions being converted to a FALLBACK transaction? Fallback Transactions are those transactions where an EMV chip card is used at an EMV enabled ATM and the ATM failed to read the card using the chip data. Along with a few other possible factors, a dirty reader is often the cause.

Several ATM networks have intimated that they will be issuing a PER TRANSACTION fine PER TERMINAL for any EMV ready terminal that exceeds said networks threshold for excessive fallback transactions. To avoid fines and fees, ATM Partner is dedicated to helping you make EMV migration a smooth and simple process. ATM Partner offers EMV card readers, EMV card reader cleaners, and the most current version of manufacturer’s software and AID lists to keep you compliant with network requirements. Cleaning your EMV reader regularly, along with keeping ATM software and AID list up to date will lower maintenance costs tied to EMV and save you time and money.