Checkurbox is where its at


As the use of wireless modems has grown, we at saw a need to create a solution that would allow our clients full access to a portal that would provide them with the ability to quickly and easily monitor their wireless portfolio. That solution is, or ‘CUB’ for short. CUB is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly wireless device monitoring portal. And its all available to you free of charge.

CUB has many useful features, such as providing real-time device statistics like current signal strength, device up-time, and last contact date. It also provides important information such as historical signal strength and data usage. Each device page provides you with space for location information. The portal is interactive, where you are in control. Features such as Ping/Refresh, which will confirm the device is on and connected to the internet. You also have the ability to make Data Tier upgrades, where you can increase the data plan for that unit if necessary. With the use of a power relay device (sold separately), you can reboot your ATM or kiosk right from the portal. You can pull your ATM Terminal ID with the click of a mouse (static wireless ATM settings required). There’s our ‘WheresUrBox’ feature, which uses GEO mapping to provide a general location of where the wireless device is*. You can restart your device, or even suspend devices if needed. You can create notification groups. CUB is a full service portal where you are in control.

Here at we understand our customers’ needs. was built for no other reason but to give our customers the ability to easily organize and manage their wireless fleet – 24/7! If you do not currently have a username and password for, send an e-mail to to request your log-in credentials.

*Within a 1/2 mile radius.