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“3G CDMA Network Shut off date set for December 2022” –

“3G CDMA Network Shut off date set for December 2022” –

It’s coming. Or should we say it’s going? 3G wireless service is going away. It’s been going away for many months now.  You’ve seen it, you know the story. Your 3G locations go from having virtually zero connection issues at all to suddenly having major communications issues or dropping off altogether. Well, its only going to get worse. Much worse. 3G IS GOING AWAY!  All this connection instability is affecting transactions, which will inevitably lead to lost revenue. If you have not already done so, you must begin the process of converting your 3G wireless portfolio to the 4G platform.

Yes – we’ve said all of that before.  What we haven’t said until now is an actual drop-dead date.  With the speculation surrounding previous dates, especially when premature announcements were made by our competitors, we wanted to make sure we could be as confident as possible in making this statement…


                                Make no mistake, you need to start converting NOW!

We can help ease your transition to 4G by offering you the lowest cost to own monthly wireless service in the nation, saving you money throughout the process….
…Which is why we have launched the 3G upgrade program to end all 3G upgrade programs.  This isn’t some short-lived “FLASH SALE”.  This program allows you to upgrade all your locations successfully, efficiently, and affordably to the 4G wireless network. 

In case you jumped right to the end: here are the FACTS:

  • FACT: Verizon 3G service is going away completely by December 2022.
  • FACT: 3G quality has diminished greatly everywhere as 4G has been fully implemented.
  • FACT: Your 3G service can disappear virtually overnight.
  • FACT: We’ve got your back, with the greatest 3G upgrade program on earth!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Upcoming ATM Industry compliance mandates looming that affect your ATM business.

Whether you’ve been in the ATM Industry a short time or for ages, you are aware this industry is highly regulated by federal regulators, banking regulators and sponsor banks, and debit networks. You are conducting business in the financial services space and that means heightened security and compliance is required for participation across many areas.

Cardholder data security has been managed since 2006 by a Council developed by five debit networks – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. The Council is known as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council. The Council published the initial EPP standards roadmap shortly after its inception. The Council has now published its new key compliance deadline dates and these compliance requirements definitely affect those whose deployed ATM terminals are “ancient, archaic, not able to be upgraded to current required standards.” Why is this necessary? For security of cards, cardholders, processors, networks, and you the ATM deployer.

  • By December 31, 2022, terminals that have encrypting pin pads (EPP) that can be upgraded must be upgraded with the current version EPP or the terminal must be replaced with a new one that meets current standards.
  • By January 1, 2025, every deployed terminal must have current standards EPP hardware, firmware, and software that uses TR31 Phase 3 “Key Blocks.”


Key Block encryption provides further security for PINs and data to be transferred through the ATM and payment network infrastructure which in turn makes it more difficult for hackers to exploit weaknesses and protects the cryptography that protects payment data.

You are encouraged to perform due diligence now on your actively deployed terminal platform to determine what course of action you need to begin in order to be compliant before the December 31, 2024 deadline for both EPP and TR31 Phase 3 Key Blocks. Non-compliance on the deadline can cause

Cause Affect to deployer
Terminals to be inactivated Loss of income
Deployer to be assessed fines and penalties if determined data breach(es) have occurred at terminal High expenses; loss of income
Terminal to go dark because parts and maintenance no longer available for terminal make and model Loss of income


These are due diligence points to consider and then you are encouraged to act in a conscientious and timely manner to bring your deployed portfolio up the ATM Industry standards.

*To avoid having to do two visits to a terminal for required upgrades, we suggest you install a replacement ATM that includes the most current ATM standards as well as EPP hardware/firmware and ATM software by end of year 2022. Please note, depending on your ATM manufacturer, you may still be required to do a software update prior to January 1, 2025 even with installation of a new ATM terminals and compliant EPP.

  • Is the ATM EPP upgradeable beyond PCI PTS v1 or older?
    • No – replace the ATM before end of year 2022
    • Yes – replace the EPP before end of year 2022
  • Is the ATM EPP upgradeable?
    • No – replace the ATM before end of year 2024
    • Yes – replace the EPP with new software before end of year 2024
  • Are parts still available for the ATM?
    • No – replace the ATM before end of year 2022

Contact your ATM Partner representative for information if you require assistance in determining your needs in replacing terminals and/or EPPs with PCI compliant units.

Set up a schedule for compliance and follow it.

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The Power Relay $29

Have you ever driven to a service call just to find that you could fix whatever issue ignited the situation with an ATM power reboot? Let us help relieve the frustration over wasted time and money with our economically priced ATM power restart solution, “The Power Relay“. Our latest companion hardware to the industry’s lowest cost to own wireless solution is a cost effective device which will power reboot any device plugged into it, and then resume it quickly 3-5 seconds thereafter.

The Power Relay connects via Cat5 cable to an open Ethernet port of any InHand device providing an I/O port (IE newer I-22). Simply plug your ATM into The Power Relay as per the instruction guide and you will have the ability to restart the terminal remotely. All of this is done through our web monitoring portal,  You can execute this task by simply pressing the “Restart ATM” function button located on the wireless device ‘Basic Information’ page. This will send a signal through the wireless box to The Power Relay, cutting off power for a brief 3-5 seconds, and then resuming it.

There are no additional monthly charges for either the The Power Relay or access to our CheckUrBox portal. Once you purchase the Power Relay you are free to operate it as often as necessary for your business’s needs. It is a great alternative for any location that cannot have this solution easily replicated by on-location staff. The installation is easy and its functionality smooth. If you’ve ever asked yourself “did i really need to drive all the way out here for that?” the Power Relay can be your answer.

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Crypto kiosks. Vending kiosks. Video toppers. Digital signage. Credit card terminals. Jukeboxes. The has all of your high data needs covered. We offer many different data plans, and you only pay for what you use. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 877-977-8020, or email us at


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Checkurbox is where its at


As the use of wireless modems has grown, we at saw a need to create a solution that would allow our clients full access to a portal that would provide them with the ability to quickly and easily monitor their wireless portfolio. That solution is, or ‘CUB’ for short. CUB is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly wireless device monitoring portal. And its all available to you free of charge.

CUB has many useful features, such as providing real-time device statistics like current signal strength, device up-time, and last contact date. It also provides important information such as historical signal strength and data usage. Each device page provides you with space for location information. The portal is interactive, where you are in control. Features such as Ping/Refresh, which will confirm the device is on and connected to the internet. You also have the ability to make Data Tier upgrades, where you can increase the data plan for that unit if necessary. With the use of a power relay device (sold separately), you can reboot your ATM or kiosk right from the portal. You can pull your ATM Terminal ID with the click of a mouse (static wireless ATM settings required). There’s our ‘WheresUrBox’ feature, which uses GEO mapping to provide a general location of where the wireless device is*. You can restart your device, or even suspend devices if needed. You can create notification groups. CUB is a full service portal where you are in control.

Here at we understand our customers’ needs. was built for no other reason but to give our customers the ability to easily organize and manage their wireless fleet – 24/7! If you do not currently have a username and password for, send an e-mail to to request your log-in credentials.

*Within a 1/2 mile radius.

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wireless product

By now you are aware of the exceptional quality of InHand wireless devices. With their Industrial grade design, superior connectivity, strong reliable signal strength, along with our pioneering $4.95/month ATM service plan, the InHand has quickly become the fastest growing wireless device for all of your wireless communications needs.

Looking for a cost effective replacement for soon to be useless 3G devices? Say hello to the InHand I-4500. The has procured a limited number of refurbished I-4500 units and they are available at a greatly reduced price of $75.00*! With its 4 port availability, the I-4500 is the perfect choice for ATM and vending company operators who require multiple product wireless access. Need a wireless solution to operate a jukebox and ATM together? How about an ATM and video game? Multiple credit card terminals? The InHand I-4500 is your answer. The I-4500 can provide wireless access for up to 4 components at the same time. With a wide range of monthly data plan options, The WirelessBox.Com is the solution for all of your high data/multiple component wireless connectivity needs. *Limited warranty included.

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EMV compliance is an issue that seemingly never ends, even after you upgrade. Simply updating your ATM with an EMV card reader may not keep the networks from reaching into your pocket. Are you aware that EMV ATM card readers need to be cleaned more regularly than mag-stripe card readers? EMV card readers contain landing pins that the card chip engages with, and these should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Did you also know that a dirty EMV reader can lead to EMV card transactions being converted to a FALLBACK transaction? Fallback Transactions are those transactions where an EMV chip card is used at an EMV enabled ATM and the ATM failed to read the card using the chip data. Along with a few other possible factors, a dirty reader is often the cause.

Several ATM networks have intimated that they will be issuing a PER TRANSACTION fine PER TERMINAL for any EMV ready terminal that exceeds said networks threshold for excessive fallback transactions. To avoid fines and fees, ATM Partner is dedicated to helping you make EMV migration a smooth and simple process. ATM Partner offers EMV card readers, EMV card reader cleaners, and the most current version of manufacturer’s software and AID lists to keep you compliant with network requirements. Cleaning your EMV reader regularly, along with keeping ATM software and AID list up to date will lower maintenance costs tied to EMV and save you time and money.

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Earn More Revenue with ATM Plus from CDS.

Searching for creative ways to maximize the earning potential of your ATM fleet? With ATM Plus from Columbus Data Services, you can generate more revenue from your ATM portfolio by offering new ATM user options to your customers.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

DCC allows the ATM operator to convert the total cash withdrawal amount into international cardholder’s currency. The cardholder sees the exact total of the transaction in their home currency at the time of withdrawal. The ATM provides the cardholder with clarity of exchange rate and displays both local and cardholder home currency amounts on the screen. By allowing Dynamic Currency Conversion, you earn additional revenue that the issuer would normally make on the transaction.

Better Balance Inquiry

Prompts card holder to check account balances in a manner that produces a higher number of balance inquiries and does inquiries on multiple accounts.

International Revenue Segmentation

Ability for you to charge an additional incremental fee in the event a non US cardholder elects to withdraw funds from the ATM.

Credit Card Revenue Segmentation

Ability to charge an additional incremental fee in the event a customer elects to withdraw funds from their credit card.

While utilizing DCC on all of your ATMs is something you should consider, it is highly recommended for your ATMs that are in areas where international cards are widely used, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, vacation spots, and high volume tourist destination cities like New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles etc.

In order to utilize DCC and these other revenue generating options, you will need to update to the latest CDS ATM Plus version of software for GENMEGA and HYOSUNG ATMs which is available on If you have any questions regarding these options, or need instructions on implementing them, please call us at 1-877-977-8020.

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Genmega is constantly working to create top of the line of equipment and REVENUE GENERATING SOFTWARE with a focus on the RETAIL ATM environment. In this spirit they have recently announced that Liberty X is up and running. The ability to purchase BITCOIN on the Liberty X app, then utilize YOUR GENMEGA ATM not only CREATES REVENUE with each transaction, the Liberty X APP will Drive Traffic to Your GENMEGA ATM.

Check out a demo here on YOUTUBE: