“3G CDMA Network Shut off date set for December 2022” – verizon.com

It’s coming. Or should we say it’s going? 3G wireless service is going away. It’s been going away for many months now.  You’ve seen it, you know the story. Your 3G locations go from having virtually zero connection issues at all to suddenly having major communications issues or dropping off altogether. Well, its only going to get worse. Much worse. 3G IS GOING AWAY!  All this connection instability is affecting transactions, which will inevitably lead to lost revenue. If you have not already done so, you must begin the process of converting your 3G wireless portfolio to the 4G platform.

Yes – we’ve said all of that before.  What we haven’t said until now is an actual drop-dead date.  With the speculation surrounding previous dates, especially when premature announcements were made by our competitors, we wanted to make sure we could be as confident as possible in making this statement…


                                Make no mistake, you need to start converting NOW!

We can help ease your transition to 4G by offering you the lowest cost to own monthly wireless service in the nation, saving you money throughout the process….
…Which is why we have launched the 3G upgrade program to end all 3G upgrade programs.  This isn’t some short-lived “FLASH SALE”.  This program allows you to upgrade all your locations successfully, efficiently, and affordably to the 4G wireless network. 

In case you jumped right to the end: here are the FACTS:

  • FACT: Verizon 3G service is going away completely by December 2022.
  • FACT: 3G quality has diminished greatly everywhere as 4G has been fully implemented.
  • FACT: Your 3G service can disappear virtually overnight.
  • FACT: We’ve got your back, with the greatest 3G upgrade program on earth!

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